Lonesome Gone lyrics

Drawing lines in the sand
that i can hardly say
reading faces under the sun
in the hope i can get a pun
while the daemons are here behind me
and I am putting my armour down…

Have i failed your love?
i am doing it all wrong
being the lonesome one
it’s lonesome gone

the storm between you and me
blame meteorology
did i just spot a sudden blush?
you know, it’s already been forgotten
wishing each other goodnight
and the wine from the south of France

it’s going to carry us on
what about one more glass?
before the night is around us
and the euphoria gone…
it’s lonesome gone
into the sundown

every step back i take
no religion to be saved
Is just an own selfish god?
the only one i am aiming for….
Have i ever given my all?


i am doing it all wrong
and you are just giving your all
to the lonesome one
the awkward one
it’s lonesome gone
it’s lonesome gone

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